The Focus 750 is a shorthanded and family friendly performance-cruiser with a huge cockpit. The full crew for Focus 750 in inshore races is 3 or 4, but she can easily sail even solo.

Speed, comfort,

 Our boats has been designed and intended to deliver excitement during fast & fun sailing as well as to take the whole family out for cruising and entertainment. We are sure that sailing on our boat will be, enjoyable and satisfying.

Family cruise for 2-4 persons

The Focus 750 is a shorthanded and family friendly sailboat. The full crew for Focus 750 in inshore races is four, but she can easily sail even solo. Four persons can sleep comfortably under the deck. With optional Family Package she offers everything you need for a weekend or a longer cruise.

Regatta or fast & fun saling

REGATTA or FAST&FUN SAILING – You don’t need to change the boat to have a fun during the regatta competition. The boat can be equipped in Sport Package with 48m2 Gennaker. The boat can be also configurated to start successfully in ORC or Yardstick regatta.

Weekend sailing

You can keep the boat in the harbor or on the trailer near the house. Low weight and 2.50 m road width allows for easy transport and launch. With its easy-to-rig, deck-stepped mast and mast lowering system you can go from trailer to sailing in 45 minutes. The boat in this version is perfect for the weekend trips.

Sailor friendly

SAILOR FRIENDLY – Simple to own and easy-to-handle. The sailboat is easy handling both on the water and also during the logistic operations. Lifting keel let you explore shallow waters. Chinned hull improves directional stability and makes the boat incredibly forgiving.

Design, performance,

The eye catching design of our Focus 750 is a result of the co-operation of the company team with Klaudia Meisel Design. The result is a great balance between carefully planned ergonomics with a nice deck line especially appreciate by women.

Modern design

Focus 750 was created for sailors looking for a unique, modern but functional daily cruiser — racer for short-handed crews. Clean connection of the hull with the deck, chinned hull, low profile hatches, folding cleats, deck line cover, improve the design of the boat and make it very functional.

Slip easily

You don’t need a crane to launch the Focus 750. The lifting keel and our mast lowering system make you free and independent. You can launch the boat directly from the trailer and set the mast easily.

Lifting or fixed keel

Lifting keel and retractable rudder also allow Focus 750 to reach parts of the sea that are usually reserved for much smaller boats. The boat is produced in 3 options: lifting heavy daggerboard (cat. C), lifting keel with bulb and fixed keel (cat. B)

Comfortable interior

The light coloured wood and dark floor create an impressive contrast to the interior, while increasing light. There are settee berths in the main cabin and a double V-berth forward. Our sailboat allows comfortable accommodation for 4 people with a caboose, inside or outside table and a toilet in family package. The owner of the Focus 750 has various options to customize the boat to be either more racing or more cruising oriented.


Both the hull and the deck are built in sandwich construction using Multi-directional Fibreglass (BIAXIAL, TRIAXIAL) with foam core to improve the strength, stiffness and to reduce weight.

Large, open cockpit

Large end comfortable cockpit is clearly divided into part for the skipper and the crew.

Technical data
 and equipment

Learn more about the main differences between Focus 750 and Focus 750 Performance models. Please review our specification sheets to familiarize yourself with the wide-range of options and key features.

length hull7,50 m
lenght waterline7,30 m
beam2,50 m
hull min. draft0,28 m
max. draft1,5 m
light displacement1500 kg
lifting keel300 kg
inside ballast200 kg
mast height9 m
main sail20 m2
jib11,5 m2
CE categoryC/B

length hull7,50 m
lenght waterline7,30 m
beam2,50 m
hull min. draft0,48 m
max. draft1,5 m
light displacement1300 kg
lifting keel350 kg
inside ballast150 kg
mast height9,5 m
main sail22 m2
jib12 m2
CE categoryC/B


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