Both building boats and sailing are my passions. I have been building sailing boats since 1993. It was the time when the first staysail schooner was built under my command. In the 90’s I was also a president of a marine sailing club, Balticus. At that time we were organizing voyages on the Baltic and North Sea and reconstructing cruising boats. At the same time I was also developing my skills as a skipper and a sailing instructor.

In 2004 my company has employed Jerzy Pieśniewski to design our first new sailing boat Focus 730. Jerzy Pieśniewski is internationally recognized as a leader in designing small performance yacht. Since 1973 he has designed over 30 boats and thousands of them sails all over the world. Now my company builds sailing boats made of  fiberglass  with wooden interior. The factory is located in Łódź (the centre of Poland) and is a manufacturer of fast, secure sailing yachts. The numerous regatta victories proved that the performance of our yachts is remarkable. All of our yachts are produced fully in the factory. Our company is specialized in daily cruisers and coastal sailing boats as our flag  Focus 730 and Focus 800. Both types are produced in performance and cruiser version.

Our boats has been designed and intended to deliver excitement during coastal regatta as well as to take the whole family out for cruising and entertainment. We are sure that sailing on our yachts will be, for all owners with racing ambitions, enjoyable and satisfying.

Best regards,
Mariusz Sobusiak