The new Focus 800 is a stunning cruiser. Jerzy Pieśniewski designed the Focus 800 to be fast, comfortable and safe. The inherent speed shows that it can win races at any level of racing. The high volume, powerful hull means that the Focus 800 can carry the accommodations and gear associated with a modern performance cruising boat. This option-friendly boat is fully customizable to accommodate the owner’s type of sailing. Fast and sleek, you can configure the Focus 800 to position it into a race mode. 

Focus 800 (Focus 27) Cruiser, equipped with centerboard, was designed mainly for coastal waters. The yacht is available with a mast lowering system very comfortable for navigating inland waters. The small draft after moving the centerboard in an upward position (only 30 cm) will let you explore shallow waters and beautiful islands.

Cruiser, Racer, Performance