The Focus 750 Performance is a shorthanded and family friendly racer-cruiser. The full crew for Focus 750 in inshore races is 3 or 4, but she can easily sail even solo.
4 persons can sleep comfortably under the deck of our new sailboat. She offers everything you need for a weekend or a longer cruise.
A new Focus 750 is a modern sailing yacht equipped with very efficient low aspect sails to compete in the regattas or to experience the comfortable life of a family cruise in total safety.

Modern design

Focus 750 Performance was created for sailors looking for a unique, modern but functional daily cruiser — racer for short-handed crews. Clean connection of the hull with the deck, chinned hull, low profile hatches, folding cleats, deck line cover, improve the design of the boat and make it very functional.


The Focus 750 is easy to trail because of its weight and dimensions. She is well adapted for the land transport. Being 2.50 m wide and with the weight just over 1.3 t. she can be trailed upright and even slip-launched. Thanks to a lifting keel, removable rudder blade, and a system to hoist the mast without the crane the boat can be transported even by the family car.

Lifting keel

Lifting keel and retractable rudder also allow Focus 750 to reach parts of the sea that are usually reserved for much smaller boats. The boat is produced in 3 options: lifting a heavy daggerboard (cat. C), lifting a keel with bulb and fixed keel (cat. B)

Slip easily

You don’t need a crane to launch the Focus 750. The lifting keel and our mast lowering system make you free and independent. You can launch the boat directly from the trailer and set the mast easily.

Chinned hull

The hull and the deck are infused with a high quality vinylester resin using Vacuum assisted infusion lamination technology and multidirectional fiberglass to improve the strength, stiffness and to reduce weight. Chinned hull improves directional stability and increases internal space and volume under the deck. When the boat is heeled the yacht reaches an optimum underwater hull shape with a small wetted surface. The benefit of a yacht is that she is incredibly forgiving and will allow you to get away being hit by a strong gust of wind, or becoming overpowered without having to reduce sail in a hurry. Optional twin rudder system provides better control, especially when heeled, and reduce the tendency to broach.

Focus 750 brochure