Focus 730 Daily Cruiser — a sailing boat together with a very low weight and  2.50 m road width allows for easy transport and launch. This is particularly appreciable on a boat of this size. Low weight combined with a good balance and easy handling gives a sense of the true pleasure of sailing. Focus 730 at 1300 kg can be towed behind a family car and launched on the coast. With its easy-to-rig, deck-stepped mast you can go from trailer to sailing in 45 minutes. The boat in this version is perfect for the weekend trips. A functional interior lets for comfortable sleep of 5 people.

The Focus 730 is well-balanced and designed for competitive sailing. The cockpit design is spacious and ergonomically optimized for quick and efficient sail handling.

Her spacious cabin makes it possible to get warm on cold days and she can be sailed easily by one person with only the mainsail. 

The boat that appeals to all ages and skill levels is now garnering more and more interest.