A sailing yacht Focus 730 (Focus 25)  as the smallest member of our yacht family is particularly attractive to shorthanded crews with racing ambitions.

Focus 730 (Focus 25) is a perfectly proportioned yacht with a beautifully balanced range of attributes for the ultimate sailing pleasure, whether cruising, racing, or just lying snugly at anchor. A long waterline and modern bow ensure excellent cruising speeds and gentle motion whatever the weather. Simply plan your next destination and set sail!

As with all our boats, the materials used have been designed with the key aims of long-life and excellent quality. This can easily be seen throughout the boat.

Focus 730 (Focus 25) is as magnificent below decks as it is above, the units are expertly crafted and given an air of exclusivity and space practically unheard of in other boats of this size. Our yacht can be prepared in versions for 4–6 persons with a caboose and a separate toilet area.

Focus 730 (Focus 25) Cruiser equipped with centerboard was designed mainly for lakes and coastal waters. The yacht is available with a mast lowering system very comfortable for navigating inland waters. The small draft after moving the centerboard in an upward position (only 30 cm) will let you explore shallow waters and beautiful islands.

The light weight and beam (2,50 m ) let you transport the boat even after a family car.

If you like the others to watch your stern, Focus 730 is the right choice.